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We got Georgia fans. Okay, okay, we handed out those props. That woman back there came with that shirt, 1980. The last time that they won the national championship. That’s the real deal. That’s legit. That’s legit. One person who is escaping the cold is Amy robach. She’s there in hotlanta at the stadium where the college national football championship will be. Hey there, Amy. Hey, robin. I have with me basically a god here for Georgia football. Former uga and NFL legend the one, the only Herschel walker, thank you for being with us and we just heard 1980, the last time uga took home a national title. You were on that team. So this has got to be an amazing moment for you then we know that ‘bama has going for its second national championship in three years so for people who are at home who might not be big football fans talk us through the key points of tonight’s game did well, the key point is going to be you’re going to see a prototype of each other. These two peoples are very similar. Very well coached. Very — have a lot of athletic people on the team and so they’ll see the same team because Alabama and Georgia, they play the same type of football, very physical and being in the S.E.C. I think people got excited to see. It’s going to be such a game and the coach something such a big part. The mentee versus the mentor. Talk about that rivalry and how it might may out on the feel. The way it’ll play out. You’ll see two defensive team, these two teams got very, very good defenses and I think one of the things is going to make the difference is I think Georgia having to run a game that Georgia got but at the same time Alabama got such a great defensive front so may see something a little different on the Georgia team. I would love to see them throw the ball to show everyone that fromm can throw. He can throw and you mentioned Sony Michel and Nick chumm? Jalen hurts, seeing what he can do. People don’t give him the credit he deserves so that Alabama — he’s going to be somebody you watch out for and people are going to be surprised at the speed Georgia has on their defense. Georgia got a lot of speed on defense and I told someone early on I think you’ll look at Alabama, very strong, very big, but you’re going to look at Georgia that’s very fast, so you got speed answer strength and we’re going to see what will happen. From one uga legend to another I got to bring in this here this is uga, one of the most well — he is the most well-known mascot. Uga 10. You had — Uga 4 at the Heisman trophy award with me so I was with uga 4. Herschel walker, who is going to win tonight? Georgia. Of course! You heard it here. Go, dogs. Herschel. Amy. Since you mentioned the Heisman, can he strike the Heisman pose for us just one time? Can he do the heist pane pose? I got to do it? We’re going to do the Heisman pose here but the real pose is this. Love that. Give him a big hug for us. Big hug for you. Mwah. You can see, of course, the championship game tonight on ESPN at 8:00 P.M. Eastern and I want to bring up an interesting twice here. There’s another team laying claim to the title of national champion, the university of central Florida. UCF. Their team went undefeated this season, they won their bowl game against Auburn. They beat Auburn and Auburn is the team that both Georgia and Alabama lost to so they’re starting a little campaign so we wanted to show you — That little moment. Give them a little love. We’ll see what happens. We’ll move on to Las Vegas

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