White nationalist posters are popping up on Canadian university campuses – VICE News

Posters reading “It’s okay to be white” have been spotted on university campuses across Canada and the United States, apparently based on instructions from a post on the anonymous online forum 4Chan.

Since Halloween, posters have been seen at the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus, the University of Alberta outside its Native Studies building, and the University of Saskatoon. In the U.S., they’ve been spotted in Boston, Cleveland, and Silver Spring, Maryland.  

On Thursday, posters saying “(((Those))) who hate us will not replace us,” along with links to white supremacist websites were also being circulated at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, echoing the chant “Jews will not replace us” heard in Charlottesville this summer. Neo-nazis use triple parenthesis to identify Jewish people online.

“Defend Canadian heritage,” said the posters. “Fight back against anti-white hatred.”