Whitworth University students plan to participate during nationwide walkout

SPOKANE, Wash. — Some Whitworth University students and staff will walkout of class Wednesday.

They will join students across the nation who are walking out of school to push lawmakers to do something about gun violence on school campuses.

The news of the nationwide walkout has spread quickly. The nationwide demonstration is spearheaded by high school students affected by the Parkland Florida school shooting. Students all across the nation are crying out for change to address gun violence. While a majority of those students are in high school, feeling unsafe in the classroom can be at any grade level.

Whitworth University Sophomores Darian Kagawa-Burke and Kirsten Speer decided to organize a walkout at the university to coincide with the national walkouts.

“When you go home and say okay I survived today what’s tomorrow going to be like? All the schools whether it’s elementary all the way up to university it’s important, because we need to stand together to know that we are all here for each other,” said Kagawa-Burke.

They expect about 60 to 80 people to join their walkout. They plan to meet on campus and hold a moment of silence. After they will have a few speeches.

“That’s something I really hope to accomplish is to get people talking about it, make them more aware that this is something that happens everyday,” said Speer.

They to hope to start a conversation that steps beyond party lines.

“We all want to come together whether it’s for gun control, whether you’re against it, it’s just know that we are all here for each other and know that we will help each other in anyway that we can,” said Kagawa-Burke.

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