Wisconsin’s ‘College GameDay’ signs are basically one huge Jim Harbaugh roast

This week, College GameDay was in snowy Madison for the Michigan-Wisconsin game. On one side: Wisconsin, who’s undefeated and looking for a spot in the College Football Playoff. On the other side: Michigan, home of Jim Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh-related goofs. On top of that, it’s the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Those are the themes of this week’s GameDay signs. Let’s see what Badgers fans brought:

I’m a big Stranger Things fan, so this speaks to me. However, to answer the sign, it does seem strange that a Hoosier with telekinetic powers would root for Wisconsin:

Wisconsin fans really love Stranger Things:

Who doesn’t want Bama?

Actually, wait…

OK. Sorry, Vanderbilt.

Miami’s got a turnover chain, so now everyone wants a turnover chain:

Keep believing in Santa Corso:

“Harbaugh is scared to wear jeans”:


I Googled “Jim Harbaugh jeans,” and he’s definitely worn jeans before. By the way, the “Harbaugh’s khakis are Lululemon” sign on the right is indeed true. Jim Harbaugh is a huge Lululemon fan.

GameDay fans also had signs for LiAngelo Ball after he and his UCLA teammates were detained in China for shoplifting:


Jim Harbaugh would totally be into Pretzel Day. This is believable:

This is also believable:

Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam:

“Jim Harbaugh prefers ham on Thanksgiving”:


Actually, I’m with this fantasy version of Harbaugh here. Ham is way better than turkey. The folks at Vox would agree! Every time I eat turkey, I never feel satisfied. Give me ham, chicken, or beef instead of turkey, and I can leave dinner with a smile on my face.

Patrick, I don’t think “wumbo” is a real word:

Welcome to the American Midwest!