Woman says she nabbed Cardinals rally cat outside Busch Stadium – then lost it | Metro

Attention St. Louis: It appears the rally cat is on the loose.

A St. Louis woman claims she was the last person to see the now-internet-famous cat that ran onto the field at Wednesday’s Cardinals-Royals game.

The little cat became a phenomenon when it pranced around the park just before Yadier Molina hit a grand slam in the sixth inning leading to a Cards win.

A member of the Busch Stadium grounds crew, Lucas Hackmann, retrieved the animal— and had his finger bit in the process. He then went out to the Stan Musial statue and set the cat down so he could get first aid, Hackmann told the Post-Dispatch.

There were reports Wednesday night that the Humane Society of Missouri was taking charge of the cat…

But the organization now says that didn’t happen.

Enter Korie Harris, a cat lover and crowd member at Busch Stadium Wednesday night.

Harris, 35, a manager at Ice & Fuel in Kirkwood, said she saw the cat on the field and immediately thought, “I need to find that feline.”


Rally cat with Korie Harris

Korie Harris (right) poses with a member of the crowd holding what she claims is the now-famous rally cat that ran onto the field at the Cardinals-Royals game on Aug. 9, 2017. Photo courtesy of Korie Harris. 

Harris left her seat and ran in the direction where ushers told her the cat was taken, she said.

She found the kitten sitting all alone at a gate by the Stan Musial statue and scooped it up, she claims. 

“I thought, ‘I’m taking this cat home. It’s just scared,’” she said.

Harris was stopped by Cardinals security on her way out, told them it was her cat and left with the animal after they didn’t believe her.

She walked home, stopping to take pictures with dozens of fans on the way. 

Harris named the cat Yadi— not even knowing about the grand slam— and planned to adopt the animal. She even has a cat stroller at home to walk him.

But the cat seemed to have other ideas. The rally cat would not be domesticated that night.

The animal jumped out of Harris’ arms into some tall grass somewhere in Citygarden on Market Street, Harris said.

She never saw the cat again.

“I waited for hours but he never came out,” Harris said.

Harris waited into the early morning at the park trying to lure the animal with treats— taking a break to share her story with Cardinals fans at a local bar, she said.

Thursday morning, she returned to the park, but there was still no signs of the cat to be seen. 

“I just want to find him,” she said. “I think he’s still somewhere out there.”

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