WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from June 13

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    Credit: WWE.com

    WWE SmackDown pushed ahead toward Money in the Bank with violent tastes of what to expect at Sunday’s pay-per-view.

    Lana left her mark on Naomi ahead of their title match. Randy Orton left Jinder Mahal face down on a rug before their WWE Championship encounter.

    And the entrants in the two Money in the Bank ladder matches met in both singles and tag team competition.

    New Orleans hosted a go-home show that didn’t offer anything dynamite, but was steady throughout. Every major bout received some attention. Animosity was cranked up in almost every case.

    How well did the blue brand get fans hyped for the PPV? Read on for a breakdown of the latest SmackDown, from The New Day marching in to Shinsuke Nakamura standing tall.

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    The New Day strutted to the ring accompanied by a New Orleans marching band.

    The Usos soon came out to interrupt them, followed soon after by Breezango and The Colons. Primo and Epico insulted Tyler Breeze and Fandango as the teams bickered.

    Once the bell rang, The Usos avoided Kofi Kingston, letting The Colons get the first crack at the high-flyer. The heels eventually took over by beating up on Breeze.

    Chaos broke out as the faces battled back, knocking everyone out of the ring.

    Xavier Woods led the charge as his team left The Usos and The Colons reeling. He got the pin to claim the victory.


    The New Day and Breezango win via pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • The Soul Rebels provide live entrance music for The New Day.
  • “Your day one is G. G for gross.”—Breeze.
  • Fandango prevents a roll-up and dances over a prone Epico.
  • Woods tilt a whirls Breeze in the air before slamming him onto Primo.




The New Day’s entrance brimmed with fun. It was the best kind of playing to the local crowd and captured the trio’s exuberance. 

The promo was brief and efficient. It would have been fun to see Breezango and The Usos go at it longer, but it was smart to get the opening action quickly.

A slightly better-than-average match showed off Woods’ ability and generated a bit of heat for the heels. This wasn’t anything memorable, but a good appetizer for the tag title match at Money in the Bank.

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    Before Naomi and Tamina could lock up, Lana strode out and stood at ringside to watch.

    Tamina flung the women’s champ around the ring. She controlled the bout, grounding Naomi.

    Naomi, though, kicked her way to a comeback. 

    After pinning Tamina, she soon found herself suffering an ambush. Lana attacked the titleholder and gloated over her fallen body.


    Naomi wins via pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • Naomi hits a split-legged moonsault.
  • Lana hits a sit-out spinebuster
  • “The belt matches the dress.”—John “Bradshaw” Layfield.
  • “Are you asking a question or ridiculing me?”—Lana.




The match was the kind of fare one sees on a C-level show. The story of Naomi fighting uphill didn’t have the time to spread its wings and lacked electricity.

The assault after the bell was far more memorable. It gave us the image of Lana holding up the women’s title to tease that possibility at the PPV as well as introduced her finishing move.

Her character remains undefined, though. Lana stood around during the match, offering very little to the match by way of facial expressions. Her current persona is flat compared to her original Russian boss lady shtick.

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    The Singh Brothers introduced Mahal who stood atop an ornate rug inside the ring as he showed off his WWE Championship. Mahal berated the crowd. He trashed Orton, claiming that his rival feared him.

    Orton sneaked behind Mahal, nailing him an RKO. After leaving the champ floored, he slipped off into the crowd to escape. 

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • “This Sunday, I will prove that Randy Orton is a coward.”—Mahal.
  • Fans chant “USA! USA!” while Mahal speaks Punjabi.




The presentation of Mahal, from his entrance to his new look, is clicking. Mahal himself still feels average, though, a midcarder out of his proper spot on the food chain.

Orton’s attack lit up the crowd. 

The scene moved along quickly. It made its point and moved on. It wasn’t anything people will view as a classic but was a solid lead-in to their title bout. 

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Natalya and Charlotte Flair quickly went from mat wrestling to brawling. They traded the advantage until the heel threw The Queen out of the ring.

    The match slowed as Natalya punished her foe with submission holds.

    Both Becky Lynch and Carmella watched the action from backstage monitors. 

    Flair fought off Natalya’s offense, knocked her opponent around with big kicks and got the three-count to claim the win. She celebrated, making sure to look up at the Money in the Briefcase above her.


    Flair wins via pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • Flair nails Natalya with a moonsault.
  • Natalya hits a powerbomb, calling back to Flair powerbombing her through a table weeks ago.




While far from the best match in their long history, Flair and Natalya shone together here. Natalya looked vicious; Flair came off as resilient. 

This was one of the night’s bigger match despite the lack of clear stakes.

After dropping a number of bouts at the end of her tenure on Raw, The Queen has been picking up more steam in her new home. That’s good long-term booking as she’s sure to be in the title picture with or without a win at Money in the Bank.

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    Fandango admired himself in the mirror before discovering Breeze laid out on the floor. The King of Cuteville tried to describe his mystery attackers.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • “I know what you’re thinking. My pecs look great.”—Fandango.
  • Fandango draws stick figures for his police sketch.




This was much too short.

Fashion Files has become the clear best part of SmackDown. Little snippets of Breezango’s silliness won’t suffice.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin

    Zayn tried to talk strategy with Nakamura and Styles backstage. His teammates weren’t having it.

    Owens later tried to play the leader with Ziggler and Corbin. He suggested that three of them take down the babyfaces to weaken them before Money in the Bank.

    During the match, Owens and his crew punished Nakamura in their corner.

    Styles and Zayn pushed back. Ziggler, though, slowed down Styles and KO halted Zayn’s momentum.

    The match began to unravel as everyone got involved. Zayn managed to fell Corbin once more and pinned the big man.

    The heels responded by smashing their enemies with a ladder before Corbin started attacking his own tag team partners.

    Nakamura knocked Corbin off the ladder and floored him with a Kinshasa before taking down the Money in the Bank briefcase.


    Styles, Nakamura and Zayn win via pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • “Let’s say the high-fiving for the victory celebration.”—Zayn.
  • “I’m not saying we should be friends. I’m just saying maybe we shouldn’t be each other’s worst enemies.”—Owens.
  • “You ain’t nobody.”—Corbin to Zayn.
  • Ziggler counters the Styles Clash and hits a DDT.




The energetic, dorky version of Zayn isn’t the best version but still mighty endearing.

This tag match crackled with energy. There was a clear urgency between the competitors. 

WWE did well to offer a number of images to tease what could happen at the PPV. Nakamura grabbed the briefcase, Corbin took down everyone and Zayn got the win. That’s a smart way to make it less clear who is poised for victory on Sunday.

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