Yankees-Tigers get into massive brawl after Miguel Cabrera throws some punches


In Thursday matinee action, the Yankees were visiting the Tigers and emotions ran high during a sixth-inning brawl that saw Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera and Yankees catcher Austin Romine ejected. 

Here’s the footage: 

Let’s provide some background on how things got so heated. 

Yankees catcher (serving as DH at the time) Gary Sanchez homered early in the game. He’s been red hot of late and crushing the Tigers this series with four homers. Next time Sanchez came to bat, he was hit by a pitch from Michael Fulmer. It was the second pitch of the plate appearance and got him in the hip. This was the top of the fifth inning. 

In the bottom of the sixth inning, a pitch from Yankees reliever Tommy Kahnle sailed behind Cabrera. Much to the dismay of Yankees manager Joe Girardi — likely since there were no warnings yet in place — Kahnle was ejected on the spot. Girardi soon followed him to the clubhouse with an ejection of his own.

After the delay of Aroldis Chapman coming into the game and warming up in Kahnle’s stead, Cabrera approached Romine and the two exchanged words. Obviously nothing could be seen with his mask on, but when Romine took his mask off, he could clearly be seen saying “I’ve got nothing to say to you.” 

Cabrera then pounced on Romine and it was on. Cabrera took a few swings and even appeared to land at least one. Take note in the video of Yankees number 24 when he arrives on the scene. That’s Sanchez and he clearly gets in a body blow to Cabrera. 

Cabrera and Romine were ejected once order was restored, though Romine became especially angered after this, appearing to argue that he didn’t do anything to deserve ejection. It was clear that Cabrera was the physical instigator. 

Expect Cabrera and probably Sanchez to receive suspensions for the punches. Past that, time will tell. 

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